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Ehalagala Lake Resort

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Ehalagala Lake Resort, Sigiriya (Lion Rock) is a luxury resort overlooking the lake bund [300 meters in length] in proximity to the world heritage site Sigiriya.
“One wouldn’t need a pair of binoculars to view the Lion Rock or Pidurangala from our resort.”

Sigiriya and it’s legacy

Historically, whilst The Kingdom of Sigiriya lends its legacy to royalty, culture and art in a mirror wall, graffiti, murals of damsels in splendour can be seen on one's way to Lion’s mouth entrance. Entering through the lion's mouth, a short climb opens to a vista of 4 acres at its summit the seat of royalty, the palace. Contrasting Pidurangala (the adjoining rock monastery) lends its heritage to spirituality in Theravada Buddhism.

Accommodation Villas

Tastefully decorated villas where luxurious living and untampered environments blend to form the villas. Complemented with open type bathrooms, rain showers, bathtubs, hot and cold water, internet and modern amenities. Furniture made of Nadun timber, cane, pottery and indoor plants produces an ambience of antiquity. Villas range from 3 Queens size, 5 standard doubles and 3 singles.

Food, Beverage

Restaurants, two, one open restaurant beside the Lake with a sitting capacity of 40 guests in one go. Indoor restaurant (Fully A/C) with a sitting capacity of 30 guests. Menus range from A la Cart, table d'hôte, buffet (mix of Sri Lankan, oriental and Western). Indoor (A/C) and outdoor bar with a range of Local and Foreign Liquor. Cocktails (Classic and tailor-made) are instantly turned out by our experienced bar-tender.


A 60 feet long and 30 feet wide infinity pool fringing the contours of a lake can offer so much, in doing the photo shooting for that special day of yours, relaxing over a drink or having a company get together. Our pool is manned by an attendant who looks after all guest needs.


Sigiriya, Pidurangala offers history, culture, art and study whilst Kalu Diya Pokuna is a Natural Black Water Pond. Minneriya, famous for elephants, can be toured with Kavdulla Safari. Rare species of fauna and flora can be seen at Eco Park. Catamaran safaris are available too. Also available are “Village Tours'' in which one travels by ox-cart, then boards a skift and rows to wattle-and-daub house, enjoys millet based meals turned out using traditional methods of preparation, such as a grinding-stone, mortar-and-pestle. Ayurveda spa rejuvenation.

Other Facilities and Events Calendar

Ehalagala Resort tailor makes packages for Foreign and local Weddings, conference, group meetings and seminars. Please ask for a quote. From December 31 night to Sinhala New year (April 13th and 14th) through to Christmas day, we follow and celebrate all events.

Bird Watching

For experienced birders and equally the novice, special excursions can be arranged. There is a club too which specifically caters for birders. Within the vicinity of Sigiriya and Dambulla, there are many species of owls, hawks, pelicans, peacocks, aquatic birds, amphibians etc. Not surprisingly, it has been reported of spotting owls with wingspans extending to two feet whilst in flight. Because the jungles are arid, elephants habitually visit the lake to quench their thirst, freely roam about and sometimes pay a visit to Ehalagala too - usually by night.

Why visit Ehalagala Resort?

For all those reasons we have said, Ehalagala Resort invites you to patronise our serene resort in the semi-wilderness, a setting that encapsulates primitiveness, wild-life, history, culture, scenic beauty and sunshine. After all the challenging times you have faced, let us at Ehalagala Resort pamper you uttermost, you deserve it.

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